Finding Fence Contractors in Ottawa


For a lot of residents, commercial managers, and building owners in and around Ottawa, Regionale Fence is a name that often comes up when one needs a fence installed on their property. We have one of the most enviable reputations among fence contractors Ottawa.


If you are looking for a fence contractor, take a look at what you will get when you choose Regionale Fence:


  1. Buy what you need from us. If you already have an idea of the type of fence and brand you want, then you can buy what you need from us. But that’s not all. Unlike other fencing companies in Ottawa we sell only high quality fences, and selling is just one of our services.
  2. We can explain or give advice regarding fencing rules and laws. Not all the fence contractors Ottawa residents deal with bother to find out what kind of fences are allowed for your property. In some neighborhoods, some fences or even all types of fences are not allowed. Sometimes there are even zoning laws in place dictating just how high the fence can be. We can double-check all pertinent laws and rules in your area so that you know with certainty that your choice of fence is allowed.
  3. We can determine the type of fence you want, depending on the factors important to you. What are your most crucial considerations?

    Is it the cost? We can make sure we stay within your budget while we consider low-cost yet high-quality options.

    Is it appearance and style? We can present to you several wrought iron designs that can truly boost the beauty of your place.

    If it’s security, we can make the fence an integral part of the security setup so that no intruders can get in easily. We can take privacy concerns into account as well. Not all the fencing companies in Ottawa will take your needs into account. Some may be tempted to recommend fences you don’t really need so that they can make a bigger profit.

  4. We can recommend a brand or design that we believe is best suited for your needs. It’s not enough to determine whether you need a PVC fence or a wood fence. You need to know which PVC fence to pick, or what type of wood to get for the fence. With our knowledge and experience, we can help you make this choice too. We have one of the longest histories among fencing companies in Ottawa.
  5. We can accommodate custom designs. What if you have a definite idea of what you want and it’s not available? No problem. With Regionale Fence, you’re not limited to what’s currently available. We can help turn your vision into reality, and that’s also what makes us one of the best among fence contractors Ottawa.
  6. We can install the fence for you. We have highly experienced professional installers that are bonded and insured. With us, you will know it’s done right!


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A treated wood or cedar fence, a PVC or wrought iron fence are all ideal ways of adding value and security to your property. We have years of experience in the installation of all types of private and semi private fences. We also offer the opportunity to develop custom designs
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Construction sites, warehouses or commercial properties whatever your need for a fence, we will meet your expectations in terms of construction and repair. Let the experts at Clôture Régionale help you choose the perfect commercial fence for your security needs.