Guide to Choosing a Chain Link Fence in Ottawa


The popularity of the chain link fence in Ottawa is not something to be surprised about. But have you ever considered why this is so? Here at Regionale Fence, our long history in the Ottawa fencing industry has enabled us to see the advantages of this type of fence:


  1. It is not expensive. Its affordability is a prime factor to its consistent popularity. In fact, part of the cost savings is due to the bonus that DIY enthusiasts can install it themselves. And repairs are easy as well. If a specific part of the fence is damaged, then it can just be cut out and replaced. It’s a simple matter of getting new galvanized steel that matches the rest of the fence.
  2. It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. Every chain link fence Ottawa residents can buy are all galvanized, which makes them resistant to rusting. And metal doesn’t need any treatment to protect it against termites either. All you need to do is to hose it down occasionally.
  3. Air can pass through easily. That means the area covered by the fence doesn’t become too stuffy. For fences that cover athletic courts, this is a crucial factor.
  4. You can see to the other side. If your home has a great view of a valley down a hill, this type of fence won’t obstruct the view.
  5. It’s versatile. It’s a great option for basketball and tennis courts, as it can cover the area so that the balls won’t be able to go out of the court. It’s also a great fence to use to keep pets within a defined area.

With Regionale Fence, we also offer professional installation services so that you can be sure the installation is done properly. Our workers can ascertain that the installation is in compliance with local zoning laws. We can assist with getting a building permit, contact local utility companies to make sure that digging in the area is safe, and at the same time, make sure we also comply with local fencing height requirements.


We can also make sure that the fence Ottawa homeowners get, actually looks presentable. This can be a problem with chain link fences, since it doesn’t take much for it to provide a rather uninviting atmosphere to your place.


But when you choose Regionale Fence, we will see to it that its looks appropriately suitable for your home, and we can even match its color to your house if you prefer this option.


Moreover, we help address privacy issues, which is a classic drawback of these fences. We can provide semi-privacy slats or even full-privacy slats, so that the fence you put up around your swimming pool doesn’t attract too many curious eyes.


With Regionale Fence, you maximize the benefits you get from a chain link fence or any type of fence for that matter, while you minimize any potential drawbacks.


If you live in Ottawa & surrounding area and you need a fence for your property, get in touch with us today at 613-736-1360 or 819-778-7707 and one of our estimators will be glad to help you.