The Benefits of Using a Wood Fence


In this part of the world, wood has always been a favorite material for a fence. In fact, a wood fence in Ottawa is a very common sight. There is something comforting and familiar about this kind of fence, which is why it remains very popular even with the rise of modern design homes.


Why Choose Wood?


For some people, the use of wood for fencing in Ottawa is chosen simply because it’s traditional and comforting. These qualities may not seem much, but they’re important to those who wish to have such attributes for their home and property.


With wood, part of the attraction is that the upfront cost is quite low compared to other alternatives like PVC or wrought iron. And since it’s very easy to shape wood, you can pick from a virtually unlimited range of styles and design for your Ottawa fencing. You can pick a type of wood for its natural color, or simply paint the wood to really make it look inviting and pleasant.


Most of the time, wood is used for fencing in Ottawa when your goal is to have some privacy. With a full-privacy fence, no nosy neighbors and strangers can see what’s going on in your property. It will give you assurance and you’ll feel safe that no one’s monitoring your home from the outside.


With a semi-privacy fence, someone on the other side can see into your property only if they really bring their eyes close to the small holes. But you can see them doing so, and so can other people in your neighborhood! Also, a semi privacy fence offers a bit more ventilation.


For large pieces of land, you can also use a wooden split rail fence.


What Makes Us the Best Choice for Wood Fences?


Wood is a great choice for fencing in Ottawa, but it all depends on your particular choice of wood. And that’s where we come in, as we offer only the types of wood fence Ottawa residents can be sure are bests suited for fencing. The fences we offer are made from pressure-treated pine, northern white cedar, or premium western red.


We can also give you several tips on how to maintain your  fence properly. You’ll need to take good care of it, because they can be vulnerable to many potential issues. Termites and other insects can feed on it. It may rot. It may not be able to withstand strong winds, and it may break when people bump into it.


With our help, you can get the fence you want that offers a truly natural, cozy and rustic look for your property, and we can make sure you get the most suitable materials for your fence. We can install it for you as well, to make sure it is done correctly, and we can teach you how to take care of your fence so that it can last for many years.


If you need a fence in Ottawa, get in touch with us today at 613-736-1360.



Available accessories include (but not limited to) :

Custom designs Decorative post tops Standard and self-closing hinges Gravity latches Drop rods Steel post applications and more…